Friday, January 7, 2011

Photobooth Fridays, No. 12

Miss Marvel Edition!

Or should I say, Maris Marvel Edition?

Yes I should. Ms. Wicks was once again kind enough to pose for reference for me in this instance. I already had a pretty well defined sketch as to how I wanted M.M. to look for this cover, but again, being a detail minded person, wanted to capture some interesting nuances in hand gestures and leg foreshortening. Also, I kinda based Ms. Marvel's face on Maris as well. So there you go.
Note: Biggs (the cat photobombing the above photograph) is not there for reference, he's just a glory hog.

Here also is a look at the following pencils and inks:

Have a great weekend!


Jeff Spokes said...

Incredible drawing, easily one of my favorite Ms.Marvel images. Nice work.

BTillustration said...

Awesome work. Love seeing the reference shots...

Jammer said...

Maris looks HAWT here. :)

Mr. Joe said...

Thank you both! You are too kind.

Mr. Joe said...