Friday, January 14, 2011

Photobooth Fridays, No. 13

It's a Family thing.

Back in 2009, I was working my way through my first high profile DC project, the Green Lantern serial in Wednesday Comics. As I had already done with friends, I thought it would be neato to cameo my mom, dad and sis somewhere along the way, so I did just that.

Just as before, these reference photos helped to diversify the denizens that populated the story I was drawing, hopefully making for a richer, more immersive reading experience. But really, it was just fun.

Here's a look at progress shots from pages 9 and 10 (the ones that featured my fam) from initial thumbnail to finish:

You may have noticed that one of the panels on page 10 was left intentionally blank in the inking stage. I was under deadline and thought I'd save some time by re-using the space ships from the previous page. In the end it did save time, but it wasn't as simple as copying and pasting the image. I did have to do some adjusting and re-drawing, as in the second panel all of the alien ships' guns needed to be out, and aimed at Hal. I also had to draw in all the sound effects. So there.

Have a good weekend everyone!


DanHale said...

I really appreciate the process images you share. Comics are just so dang hard to do sometimes and I am always looking to improve my own process and techniques. You definitely use th reference well and the finals never look referenced.

Stephane Roux said...

Loved your Green Lantern Wednesday comics. It is really interesting to see the process of your creation.

Christina Rodriguez said...

It's always fun to put the folks we know in our work! You capture a great likeness of your family in your illustrations.