Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miss Mah Vel

This summer Marvel Comics is going to be releasing a series of variant covers celebrating the women of the Marvel universe. Above is my contribution, a pin-up of the famed Avenger, Ms. Marvel (how many times can I type the word 'Marvel' in one blog post?). It was a fun little project, and a neat idea to highlight strong female characters of the Marvel-verse (there I go again). Here's a page from my sketchbook where I was figuring out possible poses for the pinup. Enjoy!


Jim said...

Beautiful work no matter what, but I have to admit I like the one where she has her arms back the most.

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks Jim.

Actually the 'arms back' one was my favorite as well, but the higher ups had the final say. I'll use that pose somewhere else eventually.

Unknown said...

Hi Joe

Just curious. Did you also do the Black Widow #2 Heroic Age variant cover?


Greg F.