Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Comic Con: Complete

Heya Everybody,

This post is a little late, but I'm reeling from a dense work week/cram session leading up to my trip to Portland (Oregon).

Anywho, the Boston con of two weekends ago was a lot of fun. The show was full with many fellow comic artists as well as a fair amount of art students, making for a very art-centric con. It was particularly nice seeing a few of my former students there, getting to hang out with Mark Chiarello and meeting DC artist Cameron Stewart. He's a guy whose artwork I've long admired, so it was a real thrill meeting him. Really nice guy.

Okay, enough delaying. Here are my sketches from the weekend.

Black Cat


A couple Green Lanterns (sorry, they aren't all feline related)

And last but not least, Supergirl

So there you have it. My weekend in drawing. Maris Wicks and Liz Prince had a table next door to mine where they were also busy doing sketches all weekend. Get ready for some awesome renditions of Thor using his hammer as a guitar and Kirk and Spock holding hands. They haven't posted them yet on their blogs, but hopefully soon.

Oh yeah, and this came out in stores last week

I was pretty excited about the colors they chose for the title. I think it jives well with the color palette of the cover. Okay that's it. Until next time bat-fans.


James Figueiredo said...

That Catwoman and Supergirl are totally AWESOME (not that they aren't all excellent)!

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks James!

Anj said...

Thanks again for the Supergirl piece! It has really been raved about!

I was soo pumped to get on your list on day 2.

Anonymous said...

The typeface they used for that comic works well with your illustration style, too. Love your work, as always.

Mr. Joe said...

Aw shucks, Christina. You are too kind.

You're more than welcome. It was a lot of fun to draw.