Friday, May 6, 2011

Photobooth Fridays, no. 27

Today we'll be looking at the first cover of Star Wars: Knight Errant, series 2, starring none other than the jade saber wielding Jedi, Kerra Holt.

Or is that Maris Wicks? It is! Thankfully Ms. Wicks was once again gracious enough to model for me - this time with props!

Above you can see a comparison of my initial thumbnail sketch for the cover, as well as it's proceeding finished inks. Looking at the final cover, you'll notice there weren't really any major changes from its initial composition, save for minor tweaks in the pose, anatomical correcting, detailing, etc. Lucasfilm did however think that Kerra's smile looked a bit goofy in the thumbnail, and asked me to get rid of it altogether. Having intended the piece to be a bit of a throwback to 1940's WWII propaganda art, I thought it essential that it be as blindly optimistic as possible. I toned down Kerra's smile hoping they would let me keep it, which they thankfully did.

Here's a pencilled drafting of those pearly whites:

Which you can compare against the final finished cover here.

And as a final bonus, here's a look at the two unused concepts for this cover:

Have a good weekend!


Roberto Zaghi said...

Great final cover, love the pencilled drafting image also! Interesting insight into the process.

Josh said...

I say that instead of toning down the smile you shoulda made it even BIGGER! I do love the final result though. Great stuff as always!

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks guys. :)

DanHale said...

Thanks for sharing.