Monday, May 2, 2011

Boston Comic Con: LLA ENOD!

I swear I'll stop soon with the backwards Zatanna posts. YLSUOIRES.

I did have good reason though, on account of this here sketch I did at the con:

It's a bit of a callback to this drawing I did at April's Emerald City con. Zatanna's basically gloating now, having snatched away Harry's prized Firebolt. And yes, that's the levitation spell she's speaking in reverse there. NEEEERRRRDDDYYYYY.

This was one of several sketches I did at the con which I'll be posting in the coming weeks. YATS DENUT.

And speaking of the convention, I had a really great time over the weekend. Thanks so much to every one who stopped by my table. I really appreciated it. It was really exciting to finally meet and/or hang out with some of my favorite artists as well, including Adam Hughes, Dave Johnson, J. Bone, Darwyn Cooke and St├ęphane Roux! They're all EXCEEDINGLY brilliant as artists, but also just swell guys to talk to and be around.

Well that's all for now everybody, I'll -- OOOF!

OW!! GEEZ. Oh, Ming! Yes! Of course! How could I forget the amazingly talented comic artist and part time superhero, Ming Doyle? Apparently not without incurring the wrath of Thor...
Seriously though, great seeing her as well. I was really happy to go home with this gorgeous print she was selling over the weekend. So good!

Ok. Now I'm off for reals. See you soon, dear readers.


Ming Doyle said...

Glad you had such a fun show, Joe! It was really fun seeing you too. Hope that face heals up!

Leo Finocchi said...


Great picture!