Friday, March 4, 2011

Photobooth Fridays, No. 19

Mystery Project Edition!

Above is a reference shot I took recently for an as yet unannounced DC project I'm working on. More info on that as it comes.

In other news, Maris and I are in Seattle right now! Today through Sunday we'll both be in attendance at the Emerald City Comic Con at the Washington State Convention Center. Maris is not officially tabling, but will have some cute comics and sketches that she'll be selling. Regardless, we can both be found in Artist Alley, table H-08.

For anyone interested in getting a sketch from me, here are my 2011 rates for the con.

Head Sketch --

Black and White (pen and ink, possible gray toning) - $60
Color (painted in watercolor, inks laid over top) - $100

Partial Figure --

Black and White - $100
Color - $160

All sketches will be drawn on 9" by 12" bristol. If you're interested in seeing some samples, check out the 'commissions' tab to the right of this post.

Hope to see you there!

Also, here's a look at some studies of everyone's favorite fishnet-clad magician, Zatanna! :)



Anonymous said...

Somewhat late, but it's totally torture to see your Zatanna here. Definitely one of my dream artists for her. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Mr. Joe said...

Well thanks! There's more on the way.