Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This weekend I will be attending the fourth annual Comics Festival in Lille, France. I'm super excited to go, as it'll be my first time in the country. Anyway, the show organizer thought it would be a fun idea to get a bunch of the guest artists visiting to each do a Jim Steranko tribute piece. I decided it would be fun to draw a variation of Steranko's 'Shanna The She-Devil' cover from 1972, substituting in Ms. Harleen Quinzell, a couple of hyenas, and the Bat-Family. It was.
Ms. Maris Wicks, who will be joining me, was kind enough to supply colors for the piece, with some minor tweaks from me. She did a fantastic job.

To my friends in Lille:
I'll be doing free sketches throughout the con, as well as more fancy, finished, paid sketches. I'll also be selling signed prints. Here are my rates:

Small (letter size/ 216 x 279 mm) - €3
Large (tabloid size /279 x 432 mm) - €15

Head (black and white)- €44 (color) - €75
Partial Figure (black and white)- €85 (color)- €125

I'll have some original art on hand to look at as well. Otherwise --

Je m'excuse à l'avance pour ne pas être en mesure de parler français. Maris sera fait de son mieux pour traduire pour moi. Je pue.

A très bientôt!


Michael Dooney said...

nice cover, have fun at the con!
I've always heard that artists don't charge for sketches at European comic shows has this changed? I've heard some tales about folks like Neal Adams even getting ragged for charging for sketches.

Mr. Joe said...

Oh right, I forgot to mention. I'll be doing free sketches throughout, but for more fancy commissions, I'm charging cash moneys.

kelmurphy said...

Zut alhors, Joe!! Have fun! If only we were over there at the same time. Get some mussels and raclette, but... not together.

Mr. Joe said...

Je suis allergique aux fruits de mer, mais merci!

(thanks Google Translate)

Jammer said...

Great cover! Good job by both of you.

Enjoy France!

Joe Glass said...

Sooooo wish I could be there

Bubbashelby said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I literary "Laughing out loud" at this. This is just greatest thing I ever set my eyes on.

Thanks you for this.

Mr. Joe said...

Hah hah. Thanks!