Thursday, October 15, 2009

The AMAZING ...Green Lantern?

Green Lantern: "ain't I a stinker?'

Pictured above is the finished art from a collaborative piece comics pal Paolo Rivera and I worked on. Technically it's not the first.
The artwork is, of course referencing the classic John Romita (Sr.) cover to Amazing Spider-man no. 39 from way back in 1966.

It was a bunch of fun to work on, and an interesting way of working as we tried our best to pretty evenly split the art-making duties. Paolo pencilled in the city and Green Lantern, then shipped the piece over to me. I pencilled in Spidey and all the lettering, then inked everything. I then sent the artwork back to Paolo where he finished things off by painting in the colors. Here's a look at how the art looked before Paolo laid in the paint-

And in process as Paolo was laying in the color-

Paolo and I will be selling these as prints (which come richly colored on 11 by 17 card stock) this weekend at Wizard's 'Big Apple Con' in NYC. The two of us will both be tabling there beside one another and will have the original piece on display as well. So if you'll be attending the con, keep an eye out!


Jammer said...

Save one for me!

Looney Boy said...

Hi Joe,

Your e-mail doesn't seem to work so i thought i drop a line here about a commissions.