Sunday, July 20, 2008

Even More Commissions!

So about a month and a half ago - at MoCCA, I was commissioned by this fella Justin to do a Hellboy sketch (pictured here). Shortly thereafter, Justin contacted me to see if I'd up for inking that sketch were he to mail it to me. He also wondered if I'd be open to doing a couple more commissions for him from home. So I says to him, "Sure!"
Here they be:

The now inked Hellboy

Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark as Iron Man

And The Demon, Etrigan


chrishaley said...

All awesome.

The Keeper's Notes said...

SUPER awesome! Hey, Joe...what can I say, but, thanks!! pretty funny, I said 'hmmm..let me take a gander over at Joe's site...' and there they are...swaa--eet! Love 'em. Looking forward to receiving them. Thanks again, man.

capprotti said...

Awwwwwsooooome. That's a true fan! Everybody wants to know where I got my "cool pirate shirt", I'm gonna have to make up some Quin Ones T-Shirt biz cards to direct that business your way! Been watching the new season of Venture Bros.? They do not disappoint! And how bout that new Dr. Girlfriend Costume huh? I'm just sayin... :-P Good shit though man, keep it up!

Jason Quinones said...

geez justin!!

way to add on to the poor guys work load!! but i guess he ain't staying poor so long as you keep him busy with comissions!!

(don't worry joe. me and justin go way back so he knows i'm just breaking his balls!)

p.s. these look fantastic!!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Jason! Finally, someone else posted something!! C'mon, folks, these fine pieces of art have been here for a couple of weeks now, waiting for your comments!!! I'm waiting for a new post, but the art wants some props!

They still look great.