Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wizard Worlds Away: Philadelphia: There and almost back again

So the Philadelphia convention is over finally. My luggage packed, my body sore - I find myself in a transition now in between Philly and Boston. I'm staying with my pal Paolo for the night (mee-oww!) before hopping on a bus home tomorrow morning. So while while I'm idly hanging out here, I thought to myself, why not do a blog post?

Why not indeed.

Here then are a bunch of sketches I did at the convention. First up is the obscure (to me) DC universe character, 'Arrowette.'

Black Canary

'Cassie Hack' of Hack/Slash fame

And the 'Blue Beetle'


sensitiveandimportant said...

I love all your womens faces.

Mike Bear said...

I first discovered your work when Tim Seeley showed me your Hack/Slash cover. Amazing. You are extremely talented and inspire me to work harder. Keep up the great work!!!