Thursday, May 17, 2007

A long time ago... ILLUSTRATION SHOW

Okay, Okay, this is my last 'ALTA' for a while, I swear! I've just been super busy with work, and moving, so...
I thought this might be fun to post. This illo dates back to April of 2003. I was a month and a half away from graduation at the time, and was gearing up for my senior show. I was sharing a gallery space with five other awesome ilustrators, and we, being extremely dorky decided to go completely insane with the advertising for our show. Each of us did a different themed ad for the show. They ranged from 'Garbage Pail Kids' cards to comic book covers. My take was a movie poster spoofing the great Drew Struzan's 'Temple of Doom' illustration. That's me in the center (of course) and encircling me are all the other artists from the show. One of them even got to appear in it twice!


Nick Jainschigg said...

Oh, Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle, Joe! You graduated four fucking years ago? Aw, crap.

Mr. Joe said...

Yup. I went back and checked my calendar - and it has in fact been four (expletive) years since I finished up with college.

I'm cool with it. Sorta.

...Do I know you...?