Thursday, May 24, 2007

FACA drawing board: BEARTENDER

Here's one of the characters I came up with while trying to figure out my FACA 3 fighter. Head on over to Fist-A-Cuffs to see the current batch of fighters as they battle it out in a Rumble Royale! Next week, the big FACA 3 tournament will begin, so stay tuned! May the best fighter win!*

*apologies for excessive use of exclamation points*


Mister Tan said...

Nice one!


chrishaley said...

This is great!

Lighthouse Pilot said...


Chogrin said...

Hi Joe,
This is Joe! We met eariler at the convention today. You're stuff looks great. Love that Batman with the cake! lol. Good luck with the comic and looking foward to seeing more of your stuff. Sincerely,

~Joseph Game, a.k.a Chogrin~