Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Howard the Duck #11 - Fare thee well, duck

HOWARD THE DUCK #11 came out today, and it marks the end of a 16-issue run that Chip and I began nearly 2 years ago.
Chip’s scripts have been brilliant from the start; touching, fun, funny and just a blast to draw. Poking fun at Marvel, while also saying some deeply emotional things about friendship and love - somehow accomplishing this in a book about an alien duck with a cybernetic cat. Who knew?
Huge thanks to Wil Moss who had the vision of bringing Howard back to Marvel, and saw fit to bring in Chip and I as the team to do it. He kept us on point, and helped facilitate the fun throughout. Thanks for letting Chip and I make my cat a MARVEL character.
Thanks to Veronica Fish and Kevin Maguire for their tremendous fill-in issues.
Thanks to Joe Rivera, who came on as my inker early on and has made beautiful work of my crappy pencils issue after issue. Thanks as well to Paolo Rivera, Goran Sudzuka and Marc Deering for their stunning ink work in the face of some hard deadlines along the way.
Thanks to Rico Renzi for his beautifully poppy color palettes, which helped launch our new version of Howard. And thanks to Jordan Gibson, whose innate, strong color sense, helped me realize the colors of each issue of this last arc.
Thanks to pals Ryan North and Erica Henderson for having fun with us for our SQUIRREL GIRL/HOWARD crossover. 
Thanks to LEA THOMPSON (OH MY GOD) for agreeing to appear in our dumb duck book.
Thanks to all the Howard crew, editors, assistant editors, letterers, back-up artists & writers, cover artists et al for keeping this book fun and lively and worthy of its cover price.
And finally, thanks to you readers out there. This was my first ongoing series for any publisher, and though we all decided this was the right place/moment for us to leave, I will truly miss it.

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