Thursday, June 9, 2016

Howard the Duck and Lea Thompson

Okay *SPOILERS* if you haven’t seen the announcement already online, but yesterday Howard the Duck #8 hit the stands and features a cameo appearance by none other than Lea Thompson herself!
I’ve long been a fan of Lea’s from her work on the Back to the Future trilogy, but also loved her performance in Marvel’s first feature film, Howard the Duck. It turns out Chip is also a big fan (why wouldn’t he be?) and so a year ago we started brainstorming ideas on just how we could incorporate Lea into our book. Thankfully our AMAZING editor Wil Moss and Marvel were up for it, and so it just came down to whether or not we could get Lea to say yes. Thankfully she seems to carry a soft spot for Howard and agreed to join us for an issue of inanity. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Lea last weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia, where I presented her with the original art of her first cameo appearance. She was as delightful as you might hope and unabashedly proud of her work on Howard (as she should be). So glad this all worked out!
Come back next month for a Lea Thompson filled issue with Howard the Duck #9! Here’s Chip’s solicit:
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Joe Quinones
From Marvel Comics. Howard is back in New York City! And on his strangest case yet: A missing person! His client? The missing person! WHAAA-? Join us as Howard encounters aliens, Brooklyn and network television with a Special Guest Star so shocking that I am still shocked that we’re allowed to do this.Seriously. Rated T+. Scheduled to ship 07/20/16. (161) 
Here’s a link to the announcement:
And a link to the announcement of my variant cover for the issue:

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