Friday, January 28, 2011

Photobooth Fridays, No. 14

Happy Friday everybody! Following our last post, we'll be looking at/teasing another panel from the up and coming 'Madman 20th
Anniversary Monster' hardcover due out sometime later this year.
Here it is:

Brain'd! Word balloons (and script) written by comics creator extraordinaire, Maris Wicks, who also saw fit to Photo Bomb my reference for this panel:


Andrea Hatch said...

Maris is my photobomb hero.
Everytime one of these is blogged a blueberry muffin dies which makes me splendidly happy.

Go Maris.

Also, your pose is sweet.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Love it, Joe. The whole page is insanely great.

One thing: April is way ahead of schedule. That's the month of a different Madman Soecial. The 20th anniversary will be late 2011.

Mr. Joe said...

WOOOOPS! Sorry! I I'll go amend my posts. Did I get the name right?

Oh, and thanks. :)

Jamie S. Rich said...

The name is close enough as far as I know. I think Mike only knows what these things are called for sure. ;)

Red Herring Jeff said...

Great pic, Joe! Do you ever find that your beard gets in the way of your facial references?

Mr. Joe said...

Hah. Not yet!

My beard isn't THAT big. :)

Craig Phillips said...

I really like seeing the ref and then seeing how you interpret it. Great panel!

Jammer said...

Agree with Andrea. Maris is the photo-BOMB BOMB!

Mr. Joe said...

Well we're on the same page there, James. :)