Friday, November 21, 2014

Howard the Duck

So this just got announced. 
I will be drawing a Howard the Duck series to be released next year, written by none other than Chip Zdarsky. 
More here:


George Rand said...

“Playbill.” Har, har. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love the mug!

platindumb diva said...

Are you interested in HTD the movie stuff and stories? I have lots.

pblfsda said...

I like the baby Groot (foreshadowing?) and I appreciate that the coffee mug is a play on the fashion designer's logo 'FCUK' (although DC/Titan or Disney's lawyers might interpret that differently), but from what I read in the interview, you're making a huge, HUGE mistake in getting away from what you described as a too-cartoonish look. That is PRECISELY the disorienting effect Howard is supposed to have on people. Howard is NOT simply from another planet, as the current narrative seems to assume, but a different PLANE-- he can't just get into a spaceship and travel to Duckworld; it's in a different dimension entirely.

Howard was introduced in an early Man-Thing story in which a rupture in the Nexus Of All Realities occurs and inhabitants of other realities bleed into ours. Although it can't be explicitly stated within the story, it is obvious to the readers that the other "realities" are other comics genres that super-heroes didn't (back then) ordinarily acknowledge: Korrek came from then-popular barbarian comics; Howard from waning funny-animal comics; there were also Musketeers, astronauts, vikings, etc., from period adventure comics. It was all very obvious and very deliberate. Howard standing next to Spider-man or Dr. Strange SHOULD look like a scene from "Roger Rabbit" because a flesh-and-blood cartoon animal is EXACTLY what Howard is and always was. He's not an ink cartoon, as in RR, but he was always meant to LOOK like one.