Friday, August 15, 2014

Photobooth Friday, No. 53

In memoriam, Peter Torres.

Roughly a year ago I lost my Uncle to cancer. He was beloved by me and my family. Full of life - loud and boisterous to the end. Unafraid of the challenges life gave him, which he endured with style, grace and a sense of humor. I miss him very much.

While I was still working on Bloodspell, I remember telling him about the book, to which he excitedly asked in his booming voice, "CAN I BE IN IT?" I knew there was a scene in the book featuring the super villain 'The Key' and what with my Uncle's trade being that of a locksmith, it was just too perfect. I sent him scans of my layouts, his daughter Lil took the photos, and that was that.

He was a natural of course-

Hamming it up for the camera is in our blood, apparently.

Unfortunately he never got to see the finished book, but I'm thankful that he was a part of it.

I'll keep on mugging for the camera.

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