Thursday, June 19, 2014


Is this weekend, y'all.

I'll be there selling prints, and taking on a very limited amount of commissions. Here are my prices

Head sketch: $40(b&w) $80(toned)
Torso sketch: $100(b&w) $180(toned)
Full Figure: $180(b&w) $350(toned)

To keep things fair, I'll be opening a new sketch list each day, 15 minutes after the show floor opens. Again, I'll be taking limited amounts, so try and find me early if you want one.

Friday -- opening list at 11:15am. 4 open slots.
Saturday -- opening list at 10:15am. 2 open slots.
Sunday-- opening list at 11:15 am. 3 open slots.

Prints will be available in two sizes -- 11x17(large) for $20 and 8.5x11(small) for $5.00.

Here's where you can find me:

I'll be at table 920, sitting alongside a murderer's row of amazing talent, including Maris Wicks, Ming Doyle and Kate Leth! Woo!

I'll also be doing a panel on Saturday at 12 pm.

Room 208
MARVEL ARTISTS ROUNDTABLE (okay it’s really a rectangle)
The Marvel artists are here at HEROESCON in force: KRIS ANKA, JASON LATOUR, JOE QUINONES, RYAN STEGMAN and now we are going to ’force’ them to sit on a panel Moderated by JASON WHEATLEY.
Hope to see you there. Excelsior!

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