Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zatanna and Canary Sketch Contest

Hey you! Want a free copy of Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell signed by me?
As of today I’m opening up a Black Canary and Zatanna sketch contest. Doodle this fish-netted duo to any degree of finish you like - from pencil sketch to fully colored work and hashtag it #zatannacanarycontest. You can also @ mention your drawings to me on twitter @Joe_Quinones. I’ll look through them all and announce a winner on Friday of this week. 
Let’s set the cut-off at 12:00 noon on Friday May 23rd.
I’ll pick two favorites, both of which will receive a free signed copy of the book, and one of which who will receive an original sketch of the duo by me.
Sound okay? HCTEKS YAWA — er, Sketch Away, folks!


Wonder Woman Movie by Brad said...

Hi Joe Quinones!
What a great idea! I'm in! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Brad Barnes

Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo said...

I'm making one, but I have no enough time >_<

Maybe next time :)