Friday, May 23, 2014

Photobooth Phriday, No. 49

Well it's been a while, but with the release of Bloodspell this week, I thought this as good a time as any for the return of Photobooth Phridays: Black Canary and Zatanna edition.

More specifically, we'll be looking at the cover to the book. Of course, we start off with a sketch (see my previous post for more details on that), then it's off to pencils and inks.

Here's the Photo Booth element:

Specifically I was looking to nail down hand gestures and fabric folds here. I broke out this nifty white jacket (a Savers find) for maximum contrast.

The tiger eyes were drawn on a separate page of bristol, then digitally composited.
I was feeling ambitious with this one, so I broke out my airbrush to do glowy highlights on the stars, flames and what-not. Then it was on to colors--

Here you can see a bit of my process in beginning with flat color, then slowly modeling out the forms. Closeups below:

For more details on my modeling/painting process, click here.

This file had a LOT of layers, you guys.
My god... somebody turn the line layer back on.
And lastly, here's the finished cover:
Thanks for reading along, all. See you soon!

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