Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BIG TROUBLE in Little Comics

Hey all,

Today my cover was released for Boom! Studios upcoming comics mini-series, 'Big Trouble in Little China,' due out this summer. The series is, of course, based on the awesome John Carpenter-directed film of the same name from the eighties, starring Kurt Russell. However, the comic-series is not an adaptation, but rather a continuation of the story, following the events of the movie. I love that movie.

I also love the work of Eric Powell, who will be scripting the series, with art by the ever-talented Brian Churilla. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to come aboard for cover-making duties.

Above is the first of a series of connecting covers I'm crafting for the four-issue miniseries. Hope you like!

Read more about it all in this CBR interview here, with Eric Powell and Brian Churilla!


anntaj said...

Hi, nice blog. :)

Toyebot said...

Man that is gonna be so awesome! Great job on the cover !