Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Man of Steel, Project: Rooftop and Heroes

So... Heroes con is THIS WEEKEND. I didn't find the time to make a blog post about it until just now, so bear with me.

I'll be at table 905 in Artist Alley, sandwiched right in between Paolo Rivera and Maris Wicks/Jim Ottaviani. Today (Saturday) will be my busiest day, as I juggle my time between commissions, painting my auction piece (come on by the live art stage to see!) and a few panels that I'm on.

Speaking of panels, at 12 noon I'll be at a panel in room 207 CD alongside Dave Johnson, Phil Noto and Francesco Francavilla to discuss 'the art of cover design'. Lightly intimidated to be on a panel with these giants. Come on by!

At 2:00 I'll be in room 203 B for a panel being held by my favorite superhero costume redesign website, Project: Rooftop. Join me, Ming Doyle, Mike Maihack, Ron Solas, Joel Carroll and Dan Govar, Dean Trippe and Vito Delsante as we discuss some new superhero redesigns that we've each doodles. Above is mine-- a sort of reinterpretation of Superman's 'New 52' costume.

If you're at the con, please come on over and say hi!


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Dan said...

I met you and Maris in diesel cafe a month or so ago.
You were at work on a comic, and I mentioned my two young sons would die to see you at work.
They both love comics of course, and love drawing them also.
We are going to be in Davis sq tomorrow morning, is there any chance you and Maris may be there? Or do you happen to have a studio near by? I apologize if this is too forward a request as you do not know me.

Thank You,
Dan Thorn

Danlthorn At Gmail Dot com