Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, #1

Announced over New York Comic Con, in January BOOM! studios will be releasing a 6-issue mini-series featuring our favorite gender-swapped Adventure Time heroines, Fionna and Cake! Their episode of the Cartoon Network show is one of my favorites from the series, so you can imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to do a cover for the book.

The above image is a variant for issue 1, with lush colors by the one, the only, Maris Wicks. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

that's so awesome!

i love adventure time an embarassing amount, and artists I admire keep working on one of the comics. can't wait to pick this one up!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I can just imagine going to your house and finding a closet overflowing with all things funny and cool what with the way they always appear in your work.