Monday, November 7, 2011


As far as I understand this character, she's a female clone of Wolverine - so I wanted to make her as Logan-esque as possible.

From New York Comic Con, 2011. Watercolor and gouache, pen and ink on 9x12" watercolor board.


justmeandi said...

You drawn some really nice female faces in the past now latest sketches are good but I think their faces are too much male-like, dont see any love from you doing them, just a thought not a critique.

Mr. Joe said...

Really? I don't think her face is overtly male at all, but to each his own.

jim said...

Not to begrudge anyone their opinion, but I only see improvements in your work. The Black Widow you posted a week ago was so three-dimensional I got a sense of the character and not just appreciation for a nice piece of artwork.

This X-23 is great, too. I think I'd find her more appealing if she was as close to Wolvie as your picture makes her look.

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks Jim! That's very kind of you.