Sunday, June 12, 2011

Knight Errant: Deluge, No. 2

Just saw the solicits online for this, so here it is, cover two of Star Wars: Knight Errant's second miniseries, 'Deluge'.

Hitting comic stands this Septemeber!

Regarding the execution of this cover - recently, a few of my artist friends had been singing the praises of the versatility of Copic brand sketch markers both in their sketching and professional work. I decided to finally pick up some of these markers, and took them out for a spin on this here cover. Below is a look at the piece pre-digital color, rendered with Copic sketch markers, and inked in Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay Black India Ink:

I gotta say, they're a lot of fun to draw with.


Ray Bonilla said...

oh man , that's awesome.

Paul Salvi said...

You are a master at shiny vinyl.

thedave said...

...could you explain the process to me of how you scan that in and are able to color over the grey tones? It is a mystery to me.

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks Ray and Paul!

thedave -- It's nothing too complicated. I have one layer of flatted color which I duplicate. One color layer I set to color in the layers palette and the other to multiply. The color layer colorizes the tones in the grayscale image below with whatever colors are on that later. It does not add opaque color, just tints the greyscale image. This is meant to compliment the main coloring layer which is set to multiply. I'm not sure if that makes sense -- but I've been planning on posting a more in-depth coloring post soon. I swear I'll do it!