Friday, March 18, 2011

Photobooth Fridays, No. 20

And speaking of old work, today I thought we'd look at a page from my first ever professional sequential comics work. From a story I did for DC's 'Teen Titans GO!' in 2007.

This issue being drawn in such a 'cartoony' style, I didn't actually end up using all that much photo reference - save for the above panel, and this-

For the most part, I'll pose for all of my reference photos. Occasionally however, Maris will sub in. It's nice because I can pose her to match a drawing as closely as I like, and she's ever so good at making with the goofy expressions.

Finally, here's a look at the process on that page, from initial thumbnail to finished colors.

See you next week!


LUD! said...

No way!
That was really your first pro story?
If I had known that, I would have done my best to purchase all of those pages, not just the ones I have!


Christina Rodriguez said...

I love that you are showing folks that even if you work in a "cartoony" style, using real life references whenever possible is a must. There are so many kids out there, including your many fans, who will benefit from this bit of knowledge!

Mr. Joe said...

Lud - True! It was indeed my first professional published comics work.

Christina - Thanks for pointing that out! It's an important point for sure. Reference photos are your friend, no matter your style.