Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green Lantern in Wednesday Comics - Week 8

Man oh man... we're two-thirds of the way through this series already! Oh how the days go by. Whelp, issue 8 of Wednesday comics hits comic stands today. To the comic store, says I!

Here's a sample of this weeks installment:


MaGnUs said...

Joe, I'm enjoying your work on GL on Wednesday Comics... but I'm curious... is your name Quinones or Quiñones? If it's the latter, have you chosen to drop the ñ to make it easier for English speakers?

Mr. Joe said...

Hiys Magnus,
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it.
As for my last name, I personally pronounce it without the ñ. Growing up, though my father was spanish speaking, my mother was not, so the language wasn't ever really spoken in the house. Over time we adopted the more americanized pronunciation of the name minus the ñ. I've seen and heard people pronounce/type my name either way, and I'm not really all that partial toward either. Both are okay by me, but in this case I'm the english speaker.



MaGnUs said...

I was just curious Joe; because I've seen other Hispanic creators get their names butchered in credits, and as a Spanish speaker myself, it usually irks me. But as long as you spell it that way, then I'll control my anger :)

Keep up the good work, sir.