Thursday, July 2, 2009


T-minus 6 days to the release of Wednesday Comics! Who's excited? Me.
Also, check out Kurt Busiek's newly launched and niftily designed website. You'll find the full page Green Lantern art from which the above panel was cropped in his blog section. Check it out!*

Outside of that, here's a small glimpse at a Mike Allred related pinup I'm working on... (gasp! non-Green Lantern related art!)

Full Illustration/Colors soon!
*Apologies for the overabundance of exclamation marks in this blog post.


Greg said...

You! can never have! too many! exclamation marks!!!

Ray Bonilla said...

I think you didn't add enough. especially for stuff this awesome

neil-brideau said...

I!'!m! !r!e!a!l!l!y! !e!x!c!i!t!e!d! !a!b!o!u!t! !t!h!i!s!!!

Mr. Joe said...


well played, young neil....

Mike Bear said...

congrats, joe. i'm looking forward to seeing it in all its large formatted glory. pretty impressive work, as well as the company your share this opportunity with.

exciting times!