Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog Post: Playing Catch Up, 2k9

Hello everyone,

I know I've been internet absent for a while, and much has happened since my last post, so here I am! Let's catch up on the good times together.

Hoorah! I've been accepted in to the next edition of Spectrum, "The best in Science Fiction and Fantasy Art." You can see the full image of the piece they accepted here.
Then this past weekend I attended the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon - and had a great time! It was really fun hanging out with fellow comics artists, and getting a chance to meet up with a couple people I'd otherwise only corresponded through e-mail. Great meeting Mike Allred and Gail Simone in particular, and I had a great time going out to dinner with Kurt Busiek and his family. Here's a drawing his daughter Katie did for me (of me):

So good!

Beyond that, you can check out some pictures of my exploits (including some karaoke jamming) on my flickr account, and here are some sketches I did at the con.


Hoth Leia

And two Teen Titans commissions:

And Raven

All the while I've been plugging away at Green Lantern, of course. Here's another tease-

And there we have it, we're basically caught up with each other now.

Good times.


Doc Shaner said...

Great Batgirl, and I love your take on Carol (I'm assuming that's Carol) for the Green Lantern page.

Paolo Rivera said...

First of all, that drawing of you is dead on. Second of all, that Green Lantern art is looking so friggin' sweet. Can't wait to read the whole story.

Mr. Joe said...

Hey Doc,
It IS Carol - and thanks!

I know it! That little girl has got some talent.
As per the Green Lantern stuffs - Gracias, sir.

Jim said...

I like the Raven sketch. The dark, gothy look seems to work for you.

Mr. Joe said...

...Thank You?

capprotti said...

DAMN Joe, so nice. That Green Lantern is looking perfect man! And you're doing ALL the art on that?

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks, Mike!

Any yes, I am doing all the art on this project, thankfully. I consider myself lucky.

Mr. Joe said...

'AND yes'

Geez. I can't type.

Lauren said...

Looks JUST like you.