Monday, February 9, 2009

New York Comic Con: Complete.

So I'm back from the immense New York City comic-con of this past weekend. Recuperating.

It was a lot of fun, if a bit draining. Here's some pictures!

The Table. For anyone considering getting a table at one of these things, let me recommend getting a full table. The half was a little crammed. Good times though.

Sketches! I did a lot of these over the weekend, and was pretty happy with all of them. Here they all are in roughly the order I drew them.
The "Kamen Rider Amazon"!

(No worries. I had no idea who it was either)

Darth Vader

Old School Iron Man

A uh.. "hot chick with a sword" (This was specifically asked for)

The Flash!

Wonder Woman

And a couple Hal Jordan/Green Lanterns for good measure.

So there you have it, my weekend in drawing. Many thanks go out to Paolo Rivera and roommates for letting Maris and I bunk at his place. Beyond that it was really great seeing M.K. and Liz Baillie, as well Project:Rooftop guru, Dean Trippe! I only wish I had time enough to hang out with everyone I wanted to. L'sigh...


dave said...

that doesn't look like my dad. ;)

chrishaley said...

These are all great, but I especially love the shading on Vader and the second Hal.

Did you sell that page with the giant squid monster?

mo said...

Wowzers, great sketches!

Logan Everett Faerber said...

Nice drawings there Joe. How was it? By the way, why am I following your blog when, let's see...I don't see your name on mine. Humph, guess it's a mistake; I'll check again later.

PS: I hope to God you read this. Otherwise I just look like a dick.

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks guys!

Logan - Easy on the passive aggression buddy. I check your blog for shizzle, I'm just not yet a "follower" of your blog. Not because I don't like you or your art, it's because I don't fully understand what it means to "follow" ones blog. I'm scared of technology.

j.s. Kociuba said...

1. What time duration do you spend on each sketch at a con ?

2. What do you use to ink? Ex: Sharpie, brush, or brush pen.

3.Are you given any references? Or is it from your head?

4. Pirates vs. Ninjas, whose your money on?

Lauren said...

I like Darth Vader and his "why I oughta..." fist shaking!

Mr. Joe said...

Heh, thanks Lauren.

Vader: To the moon, Luke! TO THE MOON!!
Oh wait... that's no moon...

J.C. -
1. These usually take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes less, sometimes more.
2. At the cons I use my trusty 'Pentel Pocket Brush Pen' alongwith an array of mechanical pens. (Fabercastell and prismacolors mostly)
3. Sometimes I need reference (i.e. the Kamen Rider blah blah blah), other times I can do it from my head (i.e. Darth Vader). Regardless, having reference to work from is always preferable.
4. I think I gotta give it to robots actually. Maybe dinosaurs.

Erin Miller said...

Nice, I'd love to go to one of these cons sometime, they seem fun :)

Doc Shaner said...

I really like the Flash, and the two Green Lanterns Joe. Great stuff!