Thursday, February 5, 2009

Batman Redesign!

So the good people at Project: Rooftop have once again put together an awesome superhero costume redesign contest - And once again I've waited until the night of the deadline to draw, ink, color and submit my entry.
Hey, I've been busy lately! (See 'Green Lantern')
Anyway, the contest had a unique twist to it this time around. Since Batman has apparently died(!) in the comics, people are wondering who will take on the mantle of the bat in Bruce's place. P:R thinks Nightwing (formerly Robin, A.K.A. Dick Grayson) is the man for the job. The contest was to redesign Batman with the notion that Robin would now be the man behind the mask.
(The preceding sentences are the nerdiest things I've written in some time)

Here's my entry!

Hope you enjoy! Oh and apologies for my prolonged posting absence. (see "busy") I'll try and be better.


adamski said...

this is really great im a big fan of artwork and i love drawing myself.... i really love this picture nice work =)

Lauren said...

nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATMAN!

chrishaley said...

Love it, Joe.
The thing I always hate about these PR contests is that people (like yourself) always enter these amazing versions that I would love to actually see in a comic every month.. and I know that's not going to happen.
And then I am sad.
I mean, I would gladly buy 7 different Wonder Woman comics each month if each one was by one of the artists responsible for my 7 favorite Wonder Woman redesigns (FWIW : you, Maris, Jemma, Ming, Jon McNally, Joel Priddy, and Daniel Krall are the artists I'm referring to)

My word verification word is "valgie".. this is funny to me.

Felipe Sobreiro said...

Shit, this is brilliant! I did one myself but now I'm embarrassed, haha

Anonymous said..., basically...just an awkward mish-mash of Batwoman and Batman Beyond's costumes, then?

And yes. I'm just jealous.

Mr. Joe said...

Thanks for the kinds words everybody (minus 'Anonymous,' I guess...)

No need for jealousy. It's just for fun!

As for my thought process in the design of the costume, I actually wasn't thinking much about the Batman Beyond or Batwoman costumes, though those designs have a similar color scheme. Instead I was looking at the classic Adam West Batman, and in particular Batmobile. I always loved the sleek design and color scheme of the 1960's Batmobile, so I thought I might try and carry over that sensibility to the costume. Beyond that, the emblem and arm bracers are meant to echo Nightwing's costume. The short cape is there to echo Robin's.

So...yeah. That was my thinking. Can't wait to see everyone else's designs!

j.s. Kociuba said...

"First time Joe Quinone blogger"

I am big fan of your contributions to Project Rooftop, and whenever I hear about a new contest I think about yours and Daniel Krall's designs. Both of you have a very visually recognizable quality that sets the bar very high for every other rooftop contributor. What I like about this design is that it presents the less serious 60’s batman but without the campy do-gooder aspect.

Anonymous said...

nice work Joe. i did some designs myself, but not happy enough with any of them to submit.
excited to see the results, hopefully soon.
good luck to you,

Anonymous said...

Okay yes, I get where you're coming from but if you look at the three phases of Nighwing's evolution (Robin, Teen Titans Nightwing and Solo Nightwing) you'll see how much each of the costumes from those phases differ. None of them have anything in common with each other apart from the little mask he wears. Why would he reference his Nightwing Solo outfit or his little teenage boy Robin cape? Dick Grayson and the artists working with the character have never displayed any sense of nostalgia.

Emiliano Alvarez said...

Yes! I almost thought you'd miss this one, awesome design! check mine.

1coyote said...

Great entry! I felt honored just being in the same group as you. Love your work!

Rob said...

I just checked out your Batman entry for Project Rooftop and thought that you did a fantastic job. Very dynamic redesign.

Anonymous said...

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