Sunday, October 28, 2007

Round Girl Submission

So Sam Hiti, mastermind of Fist-A-Cuffs, has a contest going on where artists can submit pin-ups which may later become 'Round Girls' once the next round of Fist-A-Cuffs starts. Yeah. As with the all things FACA, winners will be decided via online votes. Anyway, here's my submission:

Her name is 'Oh, Canada,' a Canadian superhero based on a Halloween costume by Maris. I'm not really sure what her powers would be...but she's damn skillful on those skates, and can hold up a blank white sign like you wouldn't believe.


Jessica said...

Hi Joe! You came to Fred's Illustration class and showed us your keen drawings. Aguuuah! Awesome character, love the coloring ( ooo, so envious.) Hope she wins! (but she's on skates, so how can she not?)

Jessica said...

AHG! I forgot, you're teaching science fiction next semester! Everyone is so excited your gonna be the one to teach it. It was hilarious because some people didn't remember your name so they were like " o.o Hey, that guy who illustrated that comic "Lick It Man" is gonna be our teacher! 'Member him? Awesome!"

Bwaha, it will be oh so eventful.

REAU said...

hey Joe just saw your piece in Spectrum 14.

that book is amazing!