Saturday, September 29, 2007


And....some more nerdiness. I really enjoyed the most recent Harry Potter book, and afterwards found myself in the mood to draw me some Harry Potter characters. Wouldn't it be great if they adapted the books into comics? I think so.
Perhaps more to follow...


Gavin Schmitt said...

There's something equally cool and equally gay about both images... and I can't quite put my fingers on it. Maybe it's the lettering, which stands out a bit from the more adult rendering of the figures?

Nothing wrong with the images -- I actually quite like them -- just stood out to me.

Mr. Joe said...

Hah hah. Yeah, I could see that I guess. I was goin for kinda a David Bowie thing from Labyrinth with Voldemort's get up.

LOOKA said...

Hi Mr. Joe!

First, I wanna tell you that I very
muuuuch like your Artwork aaand the
expressionist quality to it, still have a lot to catch up with, but I'm progressing on seeing what you have been doing so far.

okeey, now for "valdie", so cool, so rockstar! complete with outfit and sextoy. Haha, guess good old JK
would hit me with the complete collection of Harrys.

oh... reading the answer to the last commment I see you put in David Bowie, yes!