Monday, August 27, 2007

Where has Joe been?

At camp! Whew boy that was fun... and is now over. Blog catch up time! Here's some art I did for my camp (The Charles River Creative Arts Program in Dover, MA!). It's this cool artist's camp for kids 8-14 that is basically college for kids. Anyway, once every summer the staff gets together for something called 'Artist Night,' where we all show off our skills (whether they be fine arts, dance, theater etc...). Here is the art I did for the back of the program for the night. Yeah. More posts to come!
Explanation: I went with a magic show theme here (obvious). The girl magician is pulling camp staff members out of her hat. Explanation complete.


escapegoat said...

Wow...great job. I automatically assumed that was Zatanna 'cause of them fishnet stockings she's wearing. ;)

Mr. Joe said...

Hah hah. Thanks! Yeah, I must admit she is kinda Zatanna-ish. I love Zatanna! Perhaps it was my subconscious drawing?

chrishaley said...

What a great piece of art for a program. Those kids are lucky ducks.
Good to have you back on the webbernet.

capprotti said...

Ha ha ha, that's awesome! Looks like it was a blast to draw. Great stuff Joe!