Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I felt like adding some color to the Harley and Ivy sketch. Used to love their team-ups on the old animated series.


Samurai White said...

hey joe.
its vonne.

are you moved yet?
when are you having comics night?

holla back at me. i'm wrestling next week, you and da maris should drop by.

Eric Talbot said...

Great stuff Joe - dig the FACA arena girl as well.


escapegoat said...

Hey Joe

Great stuff on your blog. Checked it out after seeing your FACA arena girl. I definitely love your style -very clean yet energetic. I'll start checking out your blog more often now, and look forward to guessing which competitor is yours in FACA ;)


Mr. Joe said...

Thanks. I welcome more blog fans. Heck, I crave it!
I'll try an post much more often.
Been way stressed with moving... oy.