Saturday, June 30, 2007

FACA drawing board: Venus De Struction

Mr. Sam Hiti (Fist-A-Cuffs guru) recently put together a FACA silkscreened print consisting of some new characters drawn by recurring FACA contributers. Sam was generous enough (thanks!) to include me in the list.
While I cant show you the drawing I did for the poster itself until after it's premiere at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, I can instead show you one character I came up with that did not make the cut.


capprotti said...

This piece looks sweet finished man! Ha ha, clever idea.

chrishaley said...

So will you be going to SDCC this year?

Gavin Schmitt said...

I like the character and the rendering a lot Joe. I'm not sure about the pose though -- not threatening / ballsey enough to take on the FACA ;)

cheers all the same

Mr. Joe said...

Is that the San Diego Comic-Con? If so, I unfortunately won't be attending. Though I've been hearing so much about it, I'll probably make it out next year.

Yeah, this one was all gag, no balls- so it ended up not making it on the poster. I'll post the one that did soon though...

chrishaley said...

Aw, bummer, man.
There's going to be a good crew of cool people out there this year (which includes myself and some of my favorite people in the world).
You're going to miss some prime hanging out good time.