Monday, September 14, 2015

Superman/Wonder Woman #21

Here’s a look at my variant cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #21, out this Wednesday!
I was asked to make a cover featuring both title characters alongside Green Lantern, each in dynamic poses of some kind. The image of Clark Kent transforming into Superman is pretty typical and iconic, but such imagery is seldom seen or thought of with other heroes. I thought it’d be neat to depict the trio all transitioning into their alter-egos, each in unique ways. It was also an opportunity to cameo my iteration of Hal Jordan, first featured in Wednesday Comics in 2009.

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BRX said...

You, my dear sir, are one of the freshest voices in comics today. I expect to be amazed everytime I come to your page.

This cover is the proof that DC comics can be fun and colorful, a true classic.

Thanks for your considerable effort and talent.